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Jolie Bud Vase

Large- $6.00

Small- $5.00



Designed in Australia by Oh Flora Studio.

Photos from Oh Floral Studio.

Jolie’s modern, clean lines, smooth matte finish, and soft neutral shades make these versatile pieces a must-have for any designer or host. 

Create easy garden posies, a dreamy vignette or style simply with single stems between larger centrepieces along a dining table. Ideal for narrow dining tables that require beautiful yet space-saving designs to leave room for shared platters and tableware. 


Our small size can also be used as a dinner candle holder and makes the perfect stem-saver to make use of any snapped or short flower stems.

Smooth matte finish in Shell White, Hazel, Beige Blush.


Large - 11 (h) x 4 (d) cm

Small- 7 (h) x 3 (d) cm

Quantity Available: 

Shell White  - 8 Large, 7 Small

Hazel - 8 Large, 6 Small

Beige Blush - 6 Large

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